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🗓 October 3rd and 4th, 2022
🌍 Edinburgh International Conference Centre, Edinburgh, Scotland

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Email us at [email protected]

About KubeHuddle

KubeHuddle is Scotland’s first Kubernetes conference. While we're hosted and organized by the Scottish community, we have already sold tickets in England, Germany, and Indonesia.

A community-run conference, like KubeHuddle, provides better opportunities for collaboration, conversation and connections, giving our audience a more intimate alternative to larger format conferences.

KubeHuddle will take place in Edinburgh, Scotland’s capital, on October 3rd and 4th.

We anticipate 200 attendees, though more accurate projections will be supplied after the first six weeks of sales. Interest is already high. Within the first four hours of announcing the event, 20 tickets were sold, further selling an additional 30 within our first 48 hours of being listed.

Standard Packages

Package Blend Grain Malt
Price2,500 GBP7,500 GBP12,500 GBP
Number Available842
Complimentary Tickets246
Room Sponsorship (See Note 1)
Dedicated Speaker Slot (See Note 2)
Keynote (10m) (See Note 3)
Table in Sponsor Area / Collaboration Room(See Note 4)
Love & Appreciation (See Note 5)
Material in Attendee Bags (See Note 6)

Note 1
Our Malt sponsorship entitles you to name one of our two rooms, from which the sessions will be presented each day. If your organization is called "XYZ”, we'll refer to the room as "XYZ Room”. The choice which room is reserved for the first organization to sponsor at this level.
Optional: If you’d like someone from your organization to MC/host the room, please let us know. We think this could be fun and interesting to explore.

Note 2
You’ll get one speaker slot for someone from your organization to present. This talk must be technical and not a marketing or sales pitch. We can work with you on the abstract.

Note 3
You'll get a 10 minute session at the beginning, or end, of one day to talk to our attendees.

Note 4
Sponsor tables are located in the collaboration track, which is configured for cabaret. Attendees will be able to access and work from this space throughout the conference. This is also where breakfast and lunch will be served.

Note 5
We'll thank you during the opening and closing keynote, you'll have your logo available on the screens between sessions, and we'll tweet our gratitude along with your Twitter handle and/or web link in the run up to the conference, up to 6 times.

Note 6
You can provide two small items (leaflet, sticker, etc) that will be put into the bags given to each attendee

Additional Packages

Package Price
Lanyards 1,000 GBP Lanyards are plain black, however if your organisation wishes to sponsor custom lanyards with your logo next to KubeHuddle’s - grab this package!
T-Shirts 5,000 GBP We won’t be giving away KubeHuddle t-shirts, but if you wish to sponsor this we’d love to put your logo next to KubeHuddle’s and give every attendee a free t-shirt
Video 10,000 GBP We won’t be recording/streaming our conference, but if your organisation wishes to sponsor this - we’d love to make it happen. You’ll get a 30s pre-roll (live and in perpetuity on the YouTube recordings) as well as your logo displayed exclusively online between sessions
Pre-Conference Party 5,000 GBP We’ll be gathering on the Sunday evening for arcade games, drinks, and some food - this will be at the attendees own expense. However, if you want to work with us to give our attendees a special evening - let us know.
Main-Conference Party 12,000 GBP We’ve got special plans for the conference party on the Monday night. If you want to help make this memorable, get in touch and we’ll work on this together.